My Story...

Artist in Rapid City

If you are looking for a unique painting created by a passionate artist, then you have come to the right place.

Come and discover a wide range of original acrylic artworks at Husky Love Acrylic Art.

I am a hardworking pet mom of 3 huskies (I know, I know…hair everywhere.)
When I am not working or taking care of my fur kids, I can be found painting.
I can pretty much guarantee that there is husky hair in every painting lol.

Creating Art With Passion

I am confident that my wide selection of paintings showcases my creativity and passion for art. Come and visit the gallery, where you will see that each of my paintings has a story to tell. Should you buy a piece, I hope that you will be inspired by it and that you will feel the same passion that I felt when creating these unique pieces of art.

My Services

From conception to completion, my services will bring you all the way from the first idea to the final piece. I'm the artist for you: and unlike the stereotype, I always work to the deadline and for a competitive rate. To request a quotation, please get in touch via the details provided.